Creating inclusive media through collaboration.

Screenshot of Ebonye's Presentation on Inclusive Writing for DC Science Writers

DC Science Writers Association
In Conversation about Inclusive Writing
Presentation: Restorative Justice for Human Subjects
through Inclusive Writing (August 26, 2020)

EFACon2019 (Editorial Freelancers Association)
Session: For All of Us: Building Power in Inclusive Media through Editorial Decision Making

WAM!NYC 2018 Conference
Panel: Reporting & Editing Work About Marginalized Communities

Long Island Women’s Diversity Conference 2018 
Panel: The Language of Cultural Awareness: Using Words that Connect, Heal, and Empower

Independent Book Publishers Association

Ebonye has volunteered her time to the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) since 2014. She’s also written a number of articles for their member-only publication, Independent.

Quoted In

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“Cultural Appropriation In Fiction: Here Are Some Tips To Consider When Your Writing Includes Different Cultures”
Everyday Feminism, April 2018

“Resources on Teaching to Disrupt White Supremacy”
Educators for Social Justice, 2017/2018

“Inclusive Language in Four Easy Steps”
Harvard Division of Continuing Education Professional Development Blog, February 2017