Work With Ebonye

Media consulting services optimized for inclusion.


Sensitivity Reviewing / Audit

You want to better understand the audience you want to reach and make sure you are representing them honestly and accurately. You want to explore what you’ll need to be more inclusive and respectful. We can provide a sensitivity audit to identify potential issues or a sensitivity review to pinpoint problems and offer solutions.


Custom Curriculum / Training

You want to build awareness and facilitate inclusion within your teams. You need to build capacity for inclusion while fostering acceptance in your organization’s internal culture.


Revisiting Special Projects

It’s time for a refresh on your existing or established content. You want to stay true to your vision, but widen your reach to include more people.


Writing Services

You have an ambitious project and you want to do it right. You need outside writing assistance with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. You want a writing partner to work with the team you already have to build something new.

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